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fuck it i got a new theme but i kind of hate it but it’ll work for now. I hate changing my themes because i suck at doing it so this will have to work until i have all day to make one that i like haha

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findingmyselfinthewoods answered: chevron pink

i don’t know why its gray for some and pink for others :( thank you though!!

skibikeandcuddles answered: just gray

thank you!

Can someone tell me if my theme is still the pink chevron background or if its just gray?

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Anonymous asked, "I'm so happy for you! May 17th is about a month away! So how'd you and Zack meet?"

Aww thank you anon were really excited too! And it’s coming up so fast! And Zack and I met in our junior year of highschool through our mutual friend (who is my maid of honor) we started off as just friends but he won me over with his big heart and great sense of humor :)

justusandthepups said: It will be amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures!

I’ll be sure to post a lot of them! :) eek!

Anonymous asked, "I married my soulmate and we didn't tell anyone but our families. I wanna just scream it out to the world. Being married to my best friend is the best thing in this world."

Congratulations! And many years of happiness to you both! Go scream at the top of your lungs you have every right to! :)

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justusandthepups said: OH MY GOSH HOLY SHIT THAT’S SO SOON. Sorry, I’m excited for you!

I KNOW IM SO EXCITED TOO! and im trying to stay calm and not loose my shit hahahahaha :P

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Anonymous asked, "when are you getting married?"

May 17th! :D

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ask me anything, keep me company while i run errands today!

ask about me, 

ask about Zack,

ask about our wedding in a few weeks,

ask about him being in Japan for the last 2 years,

tell me a story about yourself,



Sign says it all.


Sign says it all.

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everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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and I thought I loved you then

Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
I own a BLM Mustang mare named Nayeli.
From Cali to Japan our love knows no distance
My ask is always open!
Read Our Story above :)